Friday, June 11, 2010

My Lethal Weapon's My Mind

Hey ya'll.
I was planning on going to see my friend Paul's band Black Anvil play tonight at the church with EyeHateGod and others but my stomach feels like shit so I'm being a baby and staying in. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow anyway, so it may be better to get some rest. Plus...I figured the least i could do was to update my blog again while I'm laying around being a couch potato all night.
So here's a shirt I just got from ebay. While on a trip to Santa Cruz with my (Ice-T obsessed) friend Colin, I was introduced (by him and our friend Mario) to the Ice-T album "O.G.". I've been a fan of Body Count since i found their tape in the $2 bin at Tower Records in High School but never really looked further into Ice-T's carreer besides that. The first Body Count album is such a perfect record i figured...why even bother with anything else? couldn't possibly get better than this. Which was partially true, however O.G. is a pretty flawless record as well. Ice-T rules and if you don't like it you can "eat a hot bowl of dicks" as the man would say.
PS...I know I'm a lame white dude but even lame white dudes can like Ice-T. The man is incredible.


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