Thursday, June 17, 2010


i know this isn't a music blog but download this record for good summer vibes.
link below.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Lethal Weapon's My Mind

Hey ya'll.
I was planning on going to see my friend Paul's band Black Anvil play tonight at the church with EyeHateGod and others but my stomach feels like shit so I'm being a baby and staying in. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow anyway, so it may be better to get some rest. Plus...I figured the least i could do was to update my blog again while I'm laying around being a couch potato all night.
So here's a shirt I just got from ebay. While on a trip to Santa Cruz with my (Ice-T obsessed) friend Colin, I was introduced (by him and our friend Mario) to the Ice-T album "O.G.". I've been a fan of Body Count since i found their tape in the $2 bin at Tower Records in High School but never really looked further into Ice-T's carreer besides that. The first Body Count album is such a perfect record i figured...why even bother with anything else? couldn't possibly get better than this. Which was partially true, however O.G. is a pretty flawless record as well. Ice-T rules and if you don't like it you can "eat a hot bowl of dicks" as the man would say.
PS...I know I'm a lame white dude but even lame white dudes can like Ice-T. The man is incredible.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Shurt Locker

Hey ya'll,
it's been a minute since i've updated. Needless to say, i've gotten a million shirts since then so i figured i should talk about some of them as well as some older shirts i've had for a while. I used to just update when i would get new shirts but I think this may be more interesting or something so here it is...

This first one is an Ozzy shirt my dad won on the radio in the 80's. When i was younger i used to wear the shit out of this thing probably before i even knew who ozzy was. The design on it is incredible although you can barely see it anymore and i cut the sleeves off like an idiot a few years ago. Here is the shirt now and i posted pictures of the same shirt from an ebay seller at the bottom so you can see what the original image looked like.

Here is the original design. (stole these pictures from ebay user vintageretrowear)

This next shirt is a bootleg Roger Rabbit shirt that I've been wearing a lot the past 2 weeks. I love this shirt for many reasons. One of them being that it's a bootleg and I am a fan of shitty bootlegs. One of my favorite things is that there are 2 Roger Rabbits on it, there's a Tweety Bird in there, some weird cyclops Donald Duck/Daffy Duck hybrid and if you look close enough there's a Foghorn Leghorn and a lot of other craziness going on. Also...the shirt is super comfortable, on a Sportswear II shirt and fits perfectly. Plus, I think i've only seen like one other Roger Rabbit shirt in person before so I feel pretty good about those odds. By the way...I'm gonna try to blast through some of these entries since there are going to be so many so on to the next shirt...

So this next shirt would probably be in filed under "embarrassing" as far as music listening goes... however, I am a proud past and somewhat still a fan of Marilyn Manson. I got this shirt around 1997 (i think) from Phil Rein who went to summer camp with me. Phil was already into stuff like Operation Ivy at that point and suggested that i buy Punk O Rama III which i eventually did. This shirt was cool to me for many reasons. One being that it was a size small which was really unheard of because the only band shirts I had at the time were Large or XL and the occasional Medium which were all huge on me. Another great thing about this shirt was the design. Being a young kid trying to rebel against my parents which i was not very good at, the anti-religious thing was so badass... okay maybe just in my mind but that was good enough for me. ANYWAY...before this gets any more's the dang shirt. I'm about to start wearing out more because it rules and if you don't at least like one of the first 3 Marilyn Manson records, you're a dweeb.

Here's a shirt from the DAD archives. When I was younger and lived with both parents and my sister, dog etc... my bedroom connected to the attic that didn't actually exist at the time so my dad eventually made a little doorway from my room and put down floors and all that good stuff up there so we could store shit that we probably should have gotten rid of. Most of it was mine but every once and a while i would go through some of the other boxes up there when i was bored. One day i found a box of old t-shirts and clothing that were my dad's from when he was younger. This shirt, the next two i'll be posting and a bunch of others were found in that box. He kept those, his bar mitzvah shoes, some wisdom teeth and a crap load of other weird shit. It kind of explains why I'm like this today i guess. This is a Billy Joel tour shirt from 1990. I think it's gotta be a bootleg but I can't be positive. It fits great and I've been wearing this and a bunch of other shirts from that box since I was like...12 or something. Love or hate Billy Joel, you cannot deny "You May Be Right" or "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me". Or maybe you can... I don't really know. Here's the dang shirt already.

Here's two shirts I mentioned in that last paragraph. I found these in that box my dad had in the attic and found out they were from a cruise ship my parents went on together when they were married. They had a few shirts like this where they would each have one color of the same shirt. Pretty cute if you ask me. Anyway...I've beat the crap out of these shirts over the years and have worn them so thin as you can see from the last picture. They're probably the most comfortable shirts I own and the artwork on them is great too. One is a light blue and the other is a light grey in case it's hard to tell from the pictures.

Here's a shirt my mom had forever, or at least as long as I could remember. I used to wear this to bed when I was a little kid and i've held onto it since. It's still super huge on me but I can't let go of it.

So I'm proud to say that when I was a little kid, my dad and I would have similar shirts a lot of the time. We both had those shirts where a cartoon character was dressed "cool" much like the Homie Looney Tunes shirts except I had a homie Flintstones shirt, he had the flintstones on motorcycles. I had a ren and stimpy shirt and he had this one. Okay...maybe just those then, but I held onto this one because I grew out of mine. I again was going through a really dumb phase of thinking it was a good idea to cut the sleeves off a great shirt. Either way...I'm so glad I kept this thing.

I got this next shirt from my friend Walt. Walt is someone I've mentioned on here at least once before. He runs The Captain's Vintage which is an online vintage clothing store. He also sells stuff at the Punk Rock Flea Market which is where I bought this beauty. Go check out his stuff by clicking on that link i posted. Anyway...back to the shirt at hand. If you read this blog or know me, you know that I'm a big fan of shirts with no explanation. It's a fly... I don't get it but i know i like it. It sort of reminds me of my penguin shirt which to this day is still my #1 favorite that I own.

Sorry for writing so much but it's been a long time so here's the last shirt...
Not only is this lame because it's from my own band but the fact that I could have made this entry any shorter but decided to shamelessly plug myself instead just makes it pathetic. HOWEVER...I am pretty proud of coming up with this design even though some other band beat me to it. This one looks far superior AND even if their shirt was better (which it's not) Gilbert is still King so I thought I could share it.

Finally...Here are a bunch of my shirts from a recent reorganizing sesh.