Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Respect is due.

I know i haven't updated in a while so I'll cut to the chase.
This shirt is an old one from a band called Kids United.
Kids United were a band my friend was in when i was in High School. They were a few years older, their band was way better than anything I was playing in and they were from Philly so i couldn't ask for anything more. Their shows were super fun and for some reason I always loved their website. I don't remember bands having "cool" websites when I was younger but for some reason theirs was awesome and it's still active even though the band isnt. Go to to check it out. Anyway, back to the band and hand... Kids United were a "posi" hardcore band from Philly. Posi is an awful awful term if you ask me but for some reason they were cool about it and one of my favorite things about Kids United was they didn't sound like a typical hardcore/punk/posi whatever band. The one song had a fucking ska part and it was cool. It's dumb to say but I think Kids United were a band that you could say "if you weren't there, you wouldn't understand" or whatever the snobby term people usually use in that situation is, but seriously, there was something great about them.
Here's the shirt. I had this forever, lent it to my friend years ago and finally got it back.
Enjoy or something.
I think you can still hear some of their songs on Myspace. Just search for it, I'm sure you can figure it out.


Alexander Conner said...

Glad to see you're back to updating.

customized t shirt said...

the collection is cool ..the best pick would be the gangster tshirt ii think it is the best amoung all the other thirts

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