Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 Tees or not 2 Tees 2

So I know i just posted an update but I got bored while watching another movie (Surf Nazis Must Die) and decided to take some more pictures and update this thing again.

This First shirt I'm going to post about is from my friend Jamin. He's in a band with his brother Jake called Jeff The Brotherhood. I was recently on tour with them and my other friends Screaming Females (www.myspace.com/screamingfemales). If you were a frequent reader of this blog before i stopped doing it, you may remember them. Anyway... on tour we stopped in Nashville which is where Jeff The Brotherhood is from and while at Jake and Jamin's parent's house, Jamin gave me this beauty. He asked me if i liked Slush Puppies the day before and I wasn't too sure why he asked that but I eventually figured it out. So besides the fact that the graphics on this shirt are great, it also brings back great memories of my childhood. Every weekend my friends and I would go roller skating at The Palace Roller Skating Rink in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, which is where i grew up. I never had much money but I remember always being able to afford a Slush Puppy. I don't even think I've ever had one anywhere else or even since then but I WILL always remember thinking they were some weirdo version of a Slurpee or Icee. Either way they ruled, this shirt rules and Jeff the Brotherhood rules. You can check them out and other bands on their label out at www.infinitycat.com or www.jeffbrotherhood.blogspot.com
or follow them on twitter at www.twitter.com/jeffbrotherhood

This next shirt is an original Home Alone shirt from 1991. I got this on ebay recently and it's fresh out of the wash and fits great. Until Thanksgiving 09, I probably hadn't seen this movie all the way through since it came out. However, after watching it again in its entirety I remembered how much I loved it and I'm pretty sure everyone who has ever seen it does too. It's pretty perfect, filled with great one liners and a great cast and great booby traps. Perhaps the best part of this shirt is the tagline at the bottom. "He cooks. He cleans. He kicks some butt."
You really can't beat that.
Hopefully I'll be updating this more often and fairly soon so keep checking back, tell your friends about it, follow me on here and all that good junk. Laterrrrrrrrr.

To Tee or not to Tee... That is a dumb question.

Hey...Perry here. Tonight I'm posting about a vintage Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors tee. I bought this on ebay a few weeks ago and somehow snagged it for pretty cheap and I've been wearing the hell out of it since it came. The armpits were smelling pretty bad after the first few wears so i washed it and while i was taking it out of my hamper i figured it would be a great addition to the blog. In case you weren't aware... Freddy Krueger is the greatest horror movie villain of all time. The dude gets you in your sleep! Everyone knows you gotta sleep! THAT SHIT IS GENIUS!!!! Michael Meyers walks slow and wears a Shatner mask...BIG DEAL. Jason is aight but hockey doesn't scare me too much and he's slow as hell too! Now we could easily debate Leatherface or anyone from the Texas Chainsaw Movies but let's not go there. This shirt is from the 3rd Nightmare movie which is obviously not as good scary-wise as the first 2 but still great. I gotta say if you consider the hilarity, cheesiness, and scariness of all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies...they're pretty top notch. This shirt doesn't have a tag anymore but I can guarantee you it's super soft and cool as hell and will make people pretty jealous...as I would be if i didn't own it myself. Also, I'd just like to mention that I'm currently watching Night Beast...a true classic. (trailer posted below the t-shirt pictures)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey, I'm Back...

It's been quite a while since my last post, but i decided to resurrect this blog like Jesus on Easter. The only difference is it's not Easter and I'm not Jesus...luckily. I don't think i could handle the pressure of being that dude. He's pretty famous and stuff. Anyway, I've had a lot of people asking me when i was going to update this thing and i kind of just assumed i wasn't going to. But here i am, a little over a year later ready to kick it back into full gear. So be prepared for bad english (not the band), boring stories, and t-shirts galore. So tell your friends about it, tell them to tell their friends about it and check back on the regular for updates. I should be posting a lot more t shirts, and way more frequently.

So today i went to my buddy Walt's house. You may or may not be familiar with his work as The Captain at http://www.thecaptainsvintage.com. If you're not familiar, i suggest checking out his ebay store asap because it rules and you could probably use some new summer threads seeing as it's getting nicer out. So today we printed some sweet vintage iron-ons onto vintage t-shirts. Because, as anyone should know, it really stinks when you go into a "vintage" clothing store and they have original iron-on designs on brand new t-shirts. Who they heck are they tryin to fool here? Those people make me pretty sick. I think i just puked maybe. So anyway...Walt, his girlfriend Heather and I decided to work on some today and they came out great. The first shirt I'm posting about is one i got out of the ones printed today. I love the artwork and the Roach iron-ons are pretty incredible. It's a Wright's brand, which I'm ashamed to say I am not too familiar with. Regardless... so stoked on this shirt.

This next shirt is one that I bought on the way out of Walt's place and I had to grab it. Coca-Cola is my favorite beverage ever and I've been on a Coke apparel kick lately. It's super soft and is a Sportswear brand shirt. That means it's super comfortable and old as hell.

This last shirt is a Perry classic. That means it's in heavy rotation and gets daily wear from me...Perry. I got this from a thrift store a while ago and it's pretty perfect. Pineapples and sunglasses are a great combo. It's really comfortable which is why i wear it all the time obviously. The brand is Fashion Knit, and with that being said...the man is going to bed.
it's 3:55am here and I am tired.
I hope you enjoyed my first entry back into the T-Shirt Blog world and I hope to once again dominate that world and attempt to rid the blog universe of bullshit t-shirt blogs that review awful designs on poorly made t-shirts. Please feel free to follow me on here and tell your friends to as well.
Thanks again and check back soon!