Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Jacket

So this first shirt may be a little familiar if you keep up with my blog. i posted a bit ago about the same one in black with orange ink. Both are reprints i got on ebay but this one fits better and unlike a lot of people i know, i love a white shirt so here's one from one of my favorite bands ever. Again...i didn't make this shirt up so i had no say in the phrase on the back. If it offends you, fuck off, it's a damn shirt.

I love a good shark shirt, and this is a damn good shark shirt. I love shirts like this where there is no explanation. I imagine this being sold somewhere advertising something like the newest ride at Wild Water Kingdom or some shit. However, it's just a shark ripping through a shirt. Sweet and to the point. Got this at the thrift store.

This is a "throw-back" if you will to the days of ordering t-shirts from the pyf or something. A punk classic. Found this at the thrift store the other day and had to get it. It's a little big but i'll make it work.

This next one is from an aerobics club i used to belong to in Cali. I was much furrier back then and sported a Reebok shirt much more than i'd like to admit. (i'm the one on the left)

This is where i attended college.