Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shirt Russell

First of all... some non shirt related shit.
check out my friend Alejandro's blog. It's an illustrated update of his life day by day. He also had a radio show on 91.7 WKDU wednesday nights so peep that. Here's the blog

At this is hardcore fest this year, i ran into Steve from this band. They're called Hoodratz and we played with them a few months ago in a Philly basement. despite the funny name, they were pretty fucking awesome. Also, Steve looks like a young Belushi, which rules. Anyway, he gave me this shirt and although i cant wear it to work, it's still pretty sweet. the back is one of the best statements ever made...EVER. Check them out at
So if you haven't heard yet, this band is made up of other awesome bands and they have a demo out. i got the cdr demo, and tape demo in the mail with this for like $13 all together which is pretty sweet. Gotta respect a tape demo. Also this is probably one of my new favorite shirts i own right now. I love shirts with photos printed on them. This one came out great.
i really suggest you check out their songs at:
But most importantly you should buy their shit. Apparently they're out of tapes so you can get the cdr demos or a shirt.

"To place an order, EMAIL: AND tell him what you'd like. If you want a shirt, be sure to specify the size and color you want so he can make sure it's available because alot of the shirts are in very limited supply. Also, please specify where the package will be shipped in your email because the prices listed don't include shipping. Thanks alot."

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birth, School, Blog, Death

So this weekend was a pretty great one. The pop punk band i play guitar in had 2 shows. Friday night was in Wilkes Barre PA so that was cool cause i got to hang out with the Title Fight dudes and get pizza with sweet sauce. Shit was incredible. Then Friday night we drove to Drew and Sarah Peabottom's for Bottomfest '08. We played with a bunch of bands including The Ergs, The Slotcars, The Sheckies, Project 27, and some weird Canadian band called The Hamiltons. This first shirt is from them. It's just a Ramones rip off, very much like the band. They were kind of dicks cause they showed up really late into the show and left right after but they DID come all the way from Canada so i got the shirt anyway.

This next one is an Ergs shirt that is very similar to most of the other Ergs shirts you've probably seen except for the back. I came up with the idea while talking to Mikey about how great Metallica is and next thing i know...they're printed up.
So here it is. The original says "Birth, School, Metallica, Death" because that's how life should be obviously.