Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Young H.O., Raps' grateful dead. Back to take over the globe, Now break bread.

I'm back! It's been a long long time and i have a fair explanation...i think??
First I'd like to thank anyone/everyone who has been reading my blog since i started it. I never had any interest in blogging before i started this...thought it was a good idea and went with it. Through searching Google, I've been noticing that a good amount of people read it. Apparently it's been written about in The Guardian which is a paper in the UK. It's also been reviewed on blog websites with some positive feedback about it. So with all that said here's my story...
Shortly after my last entry, I got rushed with an insane amount of shirts at once and I guess I got busy and had to put it off for a little bit. Well...a little bit turned into a lot and I probably got 30 something shirts since. I'll be posting about my favorites out of all of them and after this entry I'll be making more regular posts again with frequent updates. Thanks for reading!

The first shirt I'm posting about only seems appropriate and means that none of these are in any kind of chronological order or anything.
This is a t-shirt design I made for the None More Black reunion that was in July 4th, 2008 at Deep Sleep in Philadelphia. The front is a picture of LL Cool J with CPM's (the guitarist and good friend of mine's) face photoshopped onto his body. The rings on his finger spell out NMB for None More Black, and the back says "Don't Call It A Comeback". Fuckin' clever right?
However, i am not the brains behind the design, just the one to make it happen. I figured the back of the shirt was appropriate for the long absence of my blog...much like the absence of the band. Also, LL rules.

This is a shirt I wanted in some form for a long time. It's of the band Embrace who was Ian Mackaye's old band. Probably my favorite band he's done besides Minor Threat. Bought it for $7 or something from Bob of Let Down.

So this summer I discovered that I have a weird obsession with pigs. I draw them a lot for some reason and decided i'd like more shirts with pigs on them. I guess it all goes back to the fact that my mom collected anything that had to do with pigs since i was a little kid. Now i think i have her obsession and it's really fucking weird. anyway, this is a Piggly Wiggly shirt. I didn't realize it until i drove by one somewhere. Totally sweet logo. Got it from a Village Thrift in Jersey.

Justin Bender is a great great dude. this is his one man band. It was at one point a full band and now I'm not positive what his plans are with it. He gave me this shirt at a show and it rules bigtime.
so go check out

One of my good friends, Andrew went to Morocco for 6 weeks and brought me back this awesome shirt. the collar fits a little weird like a lot of shirts from other countries fit. it's sewn in really tight and is kind of thick. i'm gonna make it work though cause the artwork is so great.

My friend Brendan sent me a text message one day that said he was giving me a shirt he found that day. He was at the Buffalo Exchange and came across this bad boy (not a reference to the movie "bad boys" or "bad boys II" starring Martin Lawrence) and decided that i needed it. I have to agree with him. What a great shirt of a great man from a great show. Later on I spoke to a friend who works at Buffalo Exchange and she said the kid who brought them in to the store made a whole bunch of them and sold them there. I think she said they sold out pretty quickly so i'm glad i got my hands on one in time.

When i was real young my dad went to a flea market and said he saw this shirt but it was an original probably. So he said he was gonna get it but it looked too big. Ever since then, I didn't think it existed but eventually it turned up on ebay a few times. This one is a reprint but still way sweet. A little short too but you can't mess with that classic logo. One of my favorite bands of all time. As for the back...hey, i didn't make the damn shirt.

This was a super lucky ebay find because as usual...i look for Elvis Costello shirts on ebay and for the most part, they're very expensive. This one was from outside the US and ended up being 20 bucks plus shipping. For an original EC shirt, that's pretty good. A little big but not enough to look weird and it's also super soft too.

All i have to say is go to and buy their new record. You will not be dissapointed. Definitely in my Top 10 of 2008 so far.

Finally...a Kill 'Em All shirt. However it's too big on me. The measurements on ebay said it was right but it ended up being a lot bigger. I think i'll use the front for a backpatch. The back is the same as like...50% of my other metalica shirts (the skeleton in the electric chair picture) so i didn't think i needed to take a picture of that. It's a size medium from the 90's...uhh...great record. I need to get a master of puppets shirt still too. maybe next entry.

This is a shirt I bought from my friend Chris at the punk rock flea market earlier this summer. He does a lot of show flyers and stuff in the city and does a lot of screening and stuff. Great dude, great shirt design. Angry ass burger!

So I got this down the shore hoping to avoid getting ripped off like I did in Las Vegas. (see So i ordered a long sleeve and it was like $17 or something. No big deal. I go outside, put it on, and the sleeves were HUGE and puffy. i had to cut them off to avoid ridiculous marshmallow man arms and this is how it looks. still fits a little weird but such a great design. Iron Ons on the boardwalk are great and highly recommended if you want a sweet shirt not a lot of people you know will have. Also looks great while driving a harley

This is a shirt I designed for a band i play guitar in called What Happened?. I guess the drawing could be of me but i wasnt thinking that when i did it originally and besides the dude eating pizza, it doesn't make much sense. Check out some music at

Got this at a show we (lighten up) played in Doylestown with Paint it Black. Probably the best Public Enemy rip off i've seen. Not much else to say about this... It's printed on an American Apparel shirt and Paint it Black rules? That about sums it up. NEXT SHIRT...

This is a shirt I got from my friend Amos. He plays guitar and sings in the band Tenement.
They're seriously incredible and criminally underrated. I really suggest you check them out right now. stop reading this stupid blog and go listen to their songs. I suggest "City Bus" first. It's great. I was on tour with Lighten Up and I was hanging out with Amos while they were screening these. The shirt artwork is of pictures of Amos, Jesse (their bass player) and Jad (their friend) from their I.D.'s. Definitely check them out. You won't regret it.

This is yet another t-shirt I designed for a band. It's for the Loved Ones/Hold Steady tour this summer. Dave Hause the singer/guitar player from The Loved Ones more or less told me to make something up so this is what i came up with. A giant cartoon hot dog, holding an American flag and a bottle of Yuengling. The most recent Loved Ones record is called "Build and Burn" so i thought of calling it the "Grilled and Burned Tour" the back was Dave's idea which is just a rip off of a Hold Steady song. In the song they say "we're gonna build something this summer". i had to google that to understand the reference when Dave told me about it actually. My only problem with this shirt is the spelling of "GRILLE" on the back. I'm almost 99% positive it's supposed to be "Grill" but Dave insisted the E was in there. Either way it was definitely awesome to design their summer tour shirt. Hope they sold a lot of them.

This is an Anthrax shirt I got on ebay for fairly cheap from what i remember. It's in great condition so i'm not sure if it's just an unworn original or an old screen on a newer shirt. Either way, it's really comfortable and I don't think i've ever seen it before. It's from the Persistence of Time Tour. Great record although i prefer Among the Living.


Take HC legend Tony Erba, a chain and a backing band and you have Cheap Tragedies. We played with them at This is Hardcore Fest yesterday and for the 2nd year in a row and were definitely my favorite of the weekend yet again this year. Check them out online and buy their records. If they happen to be playing a show near you and you don't go, you're a dumb dumb.

Got this Tribe Called Quest shirt at a thrift store in the kids' section. It's and Adult Small and fits perfectly. It's also a rip off of the movie Wild Style which i know nothing about besides the fact that i saw it in a store for sale or something. If you don't have their record "the low end theory" you're missing out on a classic album.

Got this on ebay. Doesn't need much of an explanation. Great album obviously and one of my favorite record covers of all time. "I've had it" may be one of my favorite hardcore songs ever as well.

I made this on some website where you can pay about $18 to get anything you want printed on a shirt. It's decent quality and didn't take too long to receive in the mail. The front is a drawing i did of Gene Simmons eating a slice of pizza and the back just says Crucial Headache. I'm thinking of getting a whole bunch of these printed so if you're interested in one, please let me know so i can start making them. Sorry for the blurry picture of the back of the shirt.

This is an R. Crumb shirt i bought at Urban Outfitters. Normally i wouldn't pay as much as i did for this on a shirt but R. Crumb is one of my heroes so i kind of splurged on it. I was kind of bummed this was for sale there but at the same time, i'm glad i finally got an R. Crumb shirt. If you're not familiar with his artwork i really suggest you google him or something cause he's the greatest illustrator of all time and has a lot of awesome things to say.

This is a shirt of one of my favorite bands/albums of all time. I recently saw this on ebay but it was an original. This is an obvious reprint but still really sweet. Dag Nasty was a melodic hardcore band from DC that started in 85. "Can I Say" and "Wig Out At Denko's" are easily their best two records and for those two alone make them one of my favorite bands ever. The back of the shirt just says "wig out" which makes me laugh for some reason everytime i read it.

This is a Lighten Up shirt concept I had for a while but never followed through on until recently. I had my friend BK draw up this logo i drew because i liked the way he writes. So after he wrote "lighten up" a million times, and drew the lightbulb a million times, i took them home and picked one of each to use for the shirt. originally the words were the only thing on the front and the lightbulb would be on the back but our friend Jeremy ( who prints our shirts, suggested we do it like this. i gotta say, i'm glad we went with this one cause it looks great. simple but effective. I dont know...i just think it rules. Thanks BK, and Jeremy if you're reading.

Last but not least...This baseball t given to me by my friend Eric. He's been telling me about it for about a year now and finally gave it to me this weekend. It's super comfortable and fits absolutely perfectly. From what I can tell by the obvious is that this is a 1984 Van Halen world tour shirt. Not too sure what the significance of the top hat dude on the back is but i dig it.
Hope these entries weren't too lame. For now on They'll be much more consistent and less to read i hope. Thanks for checking back and KEEP checking back for more updates soon.