Sunday, April 6, 2008

"It's been a long, a long time coming, But I know a change gonna come"

First of all, I'd like to make an apology to people who normally read this blog for not updating in a while, and sorry for making this one so many entries but my computer has been dead for a few days because my power cord broke so now that i got a new one, here are some new shirts to enjoy or hate, whichever you choose. either way, thanks for checking out the blog.

This Anthrax shirt should have been in the last entry because i've had it for a few weeks now but it was in the wash or something when i made the last entry. It's a reprint of a State Of Euphoria shirt which i also have a back patch of. The artwork on the back is by Mad Magazine artist Mort Drucker, which really rules because i'm a huge fan of Mad Magazine. Also just got Anthrax - Persistence Of Time on cassette from the thrift store yesterday. Sweet Find. Got this shirt on ebay, it's a size small.

This is a shirt from the band Cheeky ( One of my new favorite bands. The drawing is by Kate Wadkins, the bass player and it's of a character from the movie Over The Edge. I recently went on a weekend tour with Cheeky and Screaming Females ( who still holds the title for "greatest band in the land" by Perry Magazine (does not exist). Over the whole weekend I heard a lot about the movie and when we got home i decided to buy it on ebay. After watching it 3 times I can honestly say it was worth the hype. Great movie, great lines, and stars a super young Matt Dillon who ruled. At the bottom of the drawing it says "grow fins, turkey" which is a line from the movie and a Cheeky song title. I Highly recommend checking out this band and downloading their demo for free at

I saw Stymie ( play recently at Fuck Mountain in New Brunswick NJ and after hearing some hype about them, I can honestly say they live up to it. Stymie is from Texas and shares members or maybe one member of the band ANS. They play pop punk but not like normal pop punk you're probably used to. Their punk as fuck pop punk. More attitude and aggression than most pop punk bands. Please, for your sake, get their 7". It fucking rules. As for this shirt, I don't even know what to say...umm...i don't know what's going on there. Check them out though.

This next shirt is from a good friend of mine, BK. He has one of the best shirt collections i've seen in a while. It includes many 90's shirts that i only wish i owned. However he only rocks an XL so they'll never fit me but im gonna get this one taken in or at least have someone sew the design onto another shirt for me. Considering I was born in 1985, i did not know much about MOVE. But after hearing about it and doing some research, I have come to the realization that it is completely insane. please read more here

I found this Devo shirt on ebay. It's a bootleg but it shows some artwork from the inside of the Devo album "new traditionalists" and i'm sure was in others. It's a drawing of a button they sold for a while. Their merch catalog came printed inside the record sleeve. Found this shirt on ebay. Booji Boy would be proud.

Trial By Fire was a band from DC. Melodic Hardcore on Jade Tree Records. Definitely an under looked album in my eyes. Their drummer Mike is in The Loved Ones now. Buy this album though, you will not be disappointed.
Got this shirt on ebay as well.

The next two Metallica shirts were purchased on ebay. My old computer repair guy printed a bunch of the 2nd ones when he worked for this printing company. He sold a shit load of them to someone on ebay and now i came across one. However i think he sold the screens too because they were shipped from Thailand or Japan or something crazy like that. They're printed on this almost greyish, faded black colored tagless tees. I really like that they look old but not in an annoying Target style way. They're super comfortable and not too common. Stoked about these. I think i have like 10 Metallica shirts now. Shit, that is so unnecessary.

Played with this band Friday night and we're playing with them again on the 25th with Paint it Black and Cloak/Dagger. They're called Stay Sharp, as you can see. Listen to them at The myspace address does not lie.

Umm it's a dog printed on a Screen Stars Tee. Can't deny that. Got it last night at a thrift store. Super comfy and simple design. Gotta love dem dogs.

Dumbest shirt that makes me laugh everytime i see it in a thrift store. This time however, it was my size so i had to get it. So dumb and Farside-like but I enjoy it. Thanks for reading and please check back soon for more shirts. Hasta la vista Dude.


Mutha Karen said...

Of all of the shirts you showed,I REALLY liked the "AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING" shirt the BEST....and the way he's like SWEATING the answer! LMFAO! But that's probably cause I have a pretty off the wall sense of humor. For example, in the category of politically incorrect humor can't do better than the new ones at

Some old hippie chick thought em up! Digg it!

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