Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Think I'm a Clone Now

After work today, I had a sudden and normal urge to go to some thrift stores. So i went to The Salvation Army first. First I found a sweet Bart Simpson hat which I didn't take a picture of though, I probably should. But after that i found this great shirt. Now I'm not sure that i've even seen this whole movie considering the last recollection of actually seeing any of it was about 6th grade in my science class. It's labeled as being an XL but i guess it's a child's XL. Sweet shirt either way.
Next I found this tuxedo t shirt. It's a long sleeve which was a plus in my book. It also has white trim around the bottom of the sleeves to give the effect of a white button up under the tuxedo jacket. Now I've seen a billion tuxedo t shirts in my day but this one is a step above the rest. It fits perfectly, it's not too thin, it's super soft AND has to be from the 80's which was a great time for t-shirts. Definitely happy with the shirt finds today.

I ordered this shirt recently on ebay and finally got it today. Now a lot of people i know are not into this band at all but you really can't deny "too fast for love" that album is just incredible. This however is from the Shout at the Devil tour. It may just be a reprint from an old screen but the print is a little off and printed on an old shirt so maybe it is an original shirt...who knows? It's sweet and a little small but I'll make it work.

I guess I'm breaking my own rules here but i also got these today and as Ice Cube would say..."today was a good day" for thrift stores and Perry that is. Seriously...Weird Al, Johnny Cash, and LL ?? YOU CANT BEAT THOSE FINDS!God Bless America dudez. Let's get a black dude or a chick in office next year. Or a black chick even. That's be sweet. Maybe Beyonce could run or something. I'd vote for her for sure. Peace dogz.


ynlynlynl said...

holly crap Perry ! nice collecction, I love them old school hip hop joints!

Funny T Shirts said...

Now thats a tuxedo t-shirt everyone would want,even i like it.