Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Think I'm a Clone Now

After work today, I had a sudden and normal urge to go to some thrift stores. So i went to The Salvation Army first. First I found a sweet Bart Simpson hat which I didn't take a picture of though, I probably should. But after that i found this great shirt. Now I'm not sure that i've even seen this whole movie considering the last recollection of actually seeing any of it was about 6th grade in my science class. It's labeled as being an XL but i guess it's a child's XL. Sweet shirt either way.
Next I found this tuxedo t shirt. It's a long sleeve which was a plus in my book. It also has white trim around the bottom of the sleeves to give the effect of a white button up under the tuxedo jacket. Now I've seen a billion tuxedo t shirts in my day but this one is a step above the rest. It fits perfectly, it's not too thin, it's super soft AND has to be from the 80's which was a great time for t-shirts. Definitely happy with the shirt finds today.

I ordered this shirt recently on ebay and finally got it today. Now a lot of people i know are not into this band at all but you really can't deny "too fast for love" that album is just incredible. This however is from the Shout at the Devil tour. It may just be a reprint from an old screen but the print is a little off and printed on an old shirt so maybe it is an original shirt...who knows? It's sweet and a little small but I'll make it work.

I guess I'm breaking my own rules here but i also got these today and as Ice Cube would say..."today was a good day" for thrift stores and Perry that is. Seriously...Weird Al, Johnny Cash, and LL ?? YOU CANT BEAT THOSE FINDS!God Bless America dudez. Let's get a black dude or a chick in office next year. Or a black chick even. That's be sweet. Maybe Beyonce could run or something. I'd vote for her for sure. Peace dogz.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Burrow Owl Burrow Owl Burrow Owl Burrow Owl Burrow Owl Burrow Owl Burrow Owl Burrow Owl

This first shirt is a classic Dead Milkmen design. I've always wanted this shirt and when I was younger and first got into them i opted for the Big Lizard in my Backyard shirt which I still have and rules. However this is a classic milkmen shirt. If you're not familiar with the Dead Milkmen, you must be living a sad boring life. Not only are they one of the greatest bands to come from Philadelphia, but they are one of the most underrated punk bands ever. I can't even fathom how they wrote most of those songs. Seriously incredible. I also just bought the new Low Budgets album from Itunes. The Low Budgets have Joe from The Dead Milkmen and write some fucking sweet songs. The new album is great too. I wasn't sure how'd they 'd top " go for broke" but so far this new one has a lot of promise. Can't wait to see them again. Got this shirt from ebay. Ebay is my thrift store for the winter. The thrift stores are holding back on T-shirts during the winter cause they need to make room for the sweaters, and long sleeves and jackets and all that boring stuff. So I'm really looking forward to this good weather. Who said global warming was a bad thing? If we're talkin T-shirts here...let the global warming commence!
This next shirt is a Flying Coffin Brand I bought from Deep Sleep ( in Old City. Deep Sleep is like a boutique clothing store. At least i'm pretty sure that's what they consider it. Anyway, flying coffin has some sweet shirts every once and a while and this is one of them. Flags burning? hell yeah. FTW or some shit. It's sweet as hell.

I've been trying to find this shirt in my size for a long long time. Green Day's dookie is one of the best albums i've ever owned. I dont think i know anyone who dislikes it. I first got it when I was in 3rd grade. My parents would take me to South Street which for all you non-philly dudes/ettes was a happenin place for a long time. You could go there and get some decent eats, and fulfill all of your punk rock needs in one trip. I remember the one day we went and I really really really wanted this album on cassette. So I finally saw it in the Tower Records that used to be on South Street. We're in the car leaving and it wasn't in my hands. I was sooooo bummed. Now I forget if my dad ran back in to get it or if he already had it and tricked me but somehow I got it and we listened to it the whole ride home. I wore the shit out of that tape when I got it. I used to redraw the artwork from the album and hang it on my door in my bedroom. The fact that it was called DOOKIE only made my love for them grow...especially at that age. This is definitely an album that never got old for me and has had a huge impact on my life musically. And when I realized there was a secret track on it I was so stoked. I had never even heard of something like that before. I mean, at the time i listened to a steady diet of Erasure and The Boss, so as you can see this was a huge deal for me. Also as a side note...Erasure and the boss still rule. Sorry for the blurry picture of the back of the shirt. The close up is decent so you get the idea.

Now I've been seeing this Metallica shirt on ebay for a while now. It's Black album era Metallica and super creepy looking. This is a straight up photograph of an old dude printed on the shirt. It looks insane especially in person. I've really wanted this for a while as well but never found my size until my friend linked me to it not realizing i've wanted it for a while now. It's a size Medium but because of the age, it fits perfectly like a small. However Metallica brand shirts are a little wild in the neck area and the collar is a little big but i guess it's not terrible.

I think i paid more than i should have for this shirt. It wasn't an insane amount but i should probably limit myself a little more often. Anyway this is a sweet shirt nonetheless. Simple design and it looks bad ass. I know a lot of people think Metallica started sucking after And Justice but those people need to get real for a minute. The Black album fucking rules and you know it. Not my favorite by any means but not nearly as bad as people make it seem. Also a Metallica brand Medium but fits like a small with the same collar annoyance but it's all good. Thanks a lot for reading the blog, and feel free to leave comments. You don't have to be a member or whatever. I really enjoy any feedback possible and the fact that you're reading such a mindless blog from a mindless dude rules. Much apreesh. Also, this summer should have a lot of promise for new shirts so keep checking back. I update about once a week or so.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hoof Arted?

The first two shirts in this entry were picked up at the Buffalo Exchange on Friday for about $9 each. My friend Kara works there and told me she was hoping I'd be in because these two beauties were for sale. Both smalls and super sweet. As a side note, my Metallica shirt collection is growing quickly. I have 2 on the way.

I first heard of Daniel Johnston from the Kids soundtrack years and years ago when I got it on tape from a thrift store. I heard the Daniel Johnston songs and wasn't sure what to think. Next thing i know, years later the dvd came out about him. It took me forever to finally get around to seeing it but when i did , i was blown away. I instantly started getting his albums and I got hooked. If for some reason, you haven't seen this movie, please do yourself a favor and buy it. I also just recently saw Daniel Johnston live for the first and possibly last time . It was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. If you have the chance to go see him, please do. I ordered this shirt from the Daniel Johnson website a while ago but they sent me a medium instead of a small, so i just re bought it and i'm gonna sell the medium to my friend. This is the small. Hopefully more exciting shirts on the way!