Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"I wanna be your shirt, so I can hug you while you work. I wanna be your wife, so you can beat me every night."

I don't think anyone cares what brand shirts these are but if you do have a question, feel free to post a comment asking one.
Here is a Modern Lovers shirt I got on ebay. It's an obvious reprint but a great logo and an even better band regardless. I highly suggest checking out their albums.

This is another ebay find. it says "PIGS IS BEAUTIFUL". What really made me want this was that Captain Spaulding wore a shirt in House of 1000 Corpses that said the same thing and I thought it was pretty great. So that pretty much convinced me to get it.

Nothing fancy about this next one. Got it from a thrift store in Jersey. I like sharpies and it's a simple design with sweet silver ink. That's all I have to say about thaaaaat.

This is my new favorite shirt. I don't get it but It rules. Seriously in my top 3 shirts now. If you get the saying, please comment me about it. This was a very short entry, by the way because I'm tired as hell and I have work tomorrow. Goodnight and thanks for reading!

Monday, February 4, 2008

"I got a new shirt, for school yesterday and my mom said i looked real handsome in it"

Well it has been a while since i've updated with any T-shirts. A little less than a month to be exact, but GOD DAMN did i obtain many a shirt since my last inquiry. I also included a personal favorite at the end of the blog, so enjoy that when you get to it.
I've gotten a lot of good responses about the blog lately and apparently a lot of people are reading it so thank you for checking it out and please tell anyone you think may be interested in it to check it out. Also feel free to leave any comments anytime. You don't have to be a member or anything to leave one so please enjoy this entry, hopefully i'll update more frequently again. Thanks!

These first three were ordered online at punkstuff.com . The site has some awesome horror movie shirts that are hard to find anywhere else. I'm assuming that's because they make them themselves. I've seen plenty of shirts for these movies but not these exact ones. Anyway, they also have some punk band shirts too so check it out because the prices are more than fair and the shirts look sweet. These three are all size small, Fruit of the Loom brand. The first one is from the movie DEAD ALIVE which was also known as BRAINDEAD which is easily my favorite Peter Jackson flick and also one of the most gory, bloody, pus-filled movies ever. I don't suggest eating anything while watching it because you will puke everywhere. Shit rules.
This next one is Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1. The 2nd is one of my favorite movies of all time but i never see a shirt from that movie that I really love besides an original promo shirt that i can only find on ebay like once a year. Anyway, Leatherface is probably one of my top 3 favorite horror movie "bad guys" if you will. I mean, you've never seen Jason or Michael Meyers cut someones skin off and wear it as a mask right? Fuck no. Dude is badass.

The final long sleeve i got from punkstuff.com is this Evil Dead shirt. Evil Dead is another great great horror movie. However, it is not THAT gory or scary. More of an overall great, classic horror movie. Evil Dead 2 however, is my favorite. (sorry the first picture of it is a little blurry)

This is a shirt from a band called War Pigs from Doylestown PA. They play some sweet hardcore that's influenced by some sweet rock bands including the almighty Black Sabbath... obviously. They put on a good show and the singer, Dion is apparently bizarro me... Wacky D, if you will. So i promised Dion I would give him a shirt of mine once I seperated the ones I wanted and was willing to get rid of from the big count i did recently. He insisted that I get a war pigs shirt for the trade, so he gave me this. It's a size small Jerzees Brand. The front is a big white cross. I think you're supposed to wear it upside down or something but i could be wrong. On the back is a picture of Harry S. Truman with the War Pigs logo on his forehead, sticking with the "war pigs" theme. Thanks Wacky D. also check out http://www.myspace.com/warpigshc be sure to tell 'em Large Marge sent ya!

The next 3 shirts prove that i spend too much time in New Brunswick, NJ.
This first one if from a very good friend of mines band, Screaming Females. Now if you don't already know my obsession with this band, I'll spare you. Just check them out for yourself. http://www.myspace.com/screamingfemales
or check their blog at
This shirt is a size small Gildan heavyweight. The lead singer/guitarist in the band is Marissa and she drew this and all of their artwork. You can see HER blog here...
I also highly suggest seeing them as soon as you can. They put on a great show and you will either leave thinking you should never play guitar again or that you should start practicing a lot more. Check them out and you'll understand why.

This next shirt is another New Brunswick band called Zhenia Golov.
(http://www.myspace.com/zheniagolov) Also printed on a size small Gildan. I was playing a show with my band in York, PA and i recognized this girl there who happened to be wearing the NEXT shirt I have posted in this entry. So we got to talking and it turns out we've seen each other at a few shows in New Brunswick and know a lot of the same people. Her name is Chelsea and she is super cool and ended up trading me a Lighten Up shirt for this one. The other shirt they had was pretty cool too but the drawing on this one is just really really great. The singer/bass player, Rob's dad drew it and the design of it is just genius. I'd really like to see more artwork from him. check out the band though for sheezy.
This is a shirt from the New Brunswick force known as Fun Ghouls. It's a misfits tribute band that only plays once a year i think? I still haven't seen them but i hear they don't play much or at all anymore. My main man Fish is in the band though and he hooked me up with it. It's a size medium which is normally too big but im hoping this baby will shrink down to perry size. It's on a Hanes heavyweight 50/50 and hand screened from what i can tell. Great band name, great logo and all that too. Thanks Fish!
http://www.myspace.com/funghouls If you're still reading...THANKS! This is a shirt from the band The Shemps from NY. We've played with them once and I've now seen them twice which isn't nearly enough. They are fucking sweet and i'm not sure why i haven't ordered the records yet but I'll get on that soon. Anyway, they play really rock n roll influenced punk and put on a great show. The dude in the band and I had to look for a shirt that would fit me out of what they had left. This is the closest we got. It's a size 14/16 Fruit of the Loom heavy cotton shirt that is too small but i'll figure somethin out. Not too much else to say about them i guess. Check them out though.

Oh man...Rest In Pieces. Buy the album My Rage. That's all. Shirt rules. Size small.

My friend Eddie found this me outside somewhere? I forget but I'm a huge Beasties fan and this is from the Hello Nasty album. It's way too big/wide on me and is worn to shit. But it rules. The tag is ripped so I don't even know what size or brand it is but I always wanted this one when i was younger and the album came out but never got it because most of the shirts were only L, or XL. I do have 2 other shirts from this album but only one that really fits me. Eddie is a t shirt man like myself and a good friend. Thanks Eddie!

Now this is a very special item. It's an original Elvis Costello shirt from the Imperial Bedroom tour in 1982. Definitely in my top 10 as far as Elvis albums go. It cost me 51 big ones but it was well worth it. When I'm going to spend good money on a shirt, it has to be worth it and this one was for sure. It fits perfectly and is the only "official" elvis costello shirt i have. It's a "the knits" brand size small baseball T. It will definitely be in heavy rotation until it falls completely apart. If you don't listen to Elvis Costello, go out now and BUY "My Aim is True", "This Year's Model" and "Armed Forces" then everything after that. The dude is a music making machine and has more or less put out 1 or more albums a year since 1977. In my opinion there hasn't been a bad one yet.

Big Ups is a band from York PA, who I met about a year ago at a show Lighten Up played. They play Supertouch influenced hardcore and are pretty good at pulling it off. Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/bigups2007
The guitar player, Colby recently released a split 7" with Big Ups, and my band, Lighten Up out now on Upsidedown Records. Check out more info for it on their myspace along with their songs. But about the shirt...it's a size medium Jerzees brand and is a little big but there aren't any left so i'll take what i can get.

Will is the singer from the band Big Ups and he, knowing that I would have to write about it here, gave me this next shirt. It's actually pretty awesome because on a trip to Virginia once I searched everywhere for one of these that would fit me. So here's a size small Gildan "Virginia is for lovers" shirt. It's a classic design/slogan and a great one at that. I've been searching for a coca cola shirt for a while now and this one caught my eye for sure. I got it on ebay and it is prettyyyyyy awesome. It's a size Large "Coca Cola" brand shirt which is pretty cool. It smells like laundry detergent big time since i haven't washed it yet but it's not a big deal. It's a little long which dissapointed me a little and the collar is a little weird, I'm just hoping it will fit better after I wash it. Also in case you were having any doubts...Coke is better than Pepsi. The only thing Pepsi had going for them was Ray Charles in their commercials but he died so if you're still drinking Pepsi, you got the wrong one baby...uh huh.

I got this recently at a thrift store. It's a shirt I used to own when i was younger which i find myself re buying a lot lately. Typical 90's shirt you've probably seen on a billion kids. It's an Adidas logo that says "the brand with the 3 stripes" under it. The back is the same reversed. Nothing too fancy or great, just something that reminded me of growing up which is a nice feeling when it comes to T shirts. Adidas brand, size small.

This is my Bar Mitzvah shirt. The time in a Jewish boy's life when he finally becomes a man. This was a special day for me because I made mad dough and read from some gnarly scrolls. Actually it's just a big accomplishment in a jewish dude's life. The other two were just major bonus'. If you're not familiar with a Bar Mitzvah, a lot of them have a theme at the afterparty. Mine was The Beatles. I was a huge Beatles fan when i was younger and I wanted to do something cool for the shirts that hasn't really been done by any of my friends who were all having bar/bat mitzvahs around the same time. So we went to this airbrush place (RIP the fad of getting shirts airbrushed) that my dad's friend he grew up with owned. We thought of a bunch of ideas and this was the best one. As you can see it's the cover of Abbey Road with ME airbrushed in with The Beatles. They pretty much photoshopped the cover and airbrushed me in there. I was wearing some of my favorite clothing choices of that time in my life. An army jacket with khakis, and a ball chain necklace. The sign in board was the same but with more background and i had Doc Martens on. The shirts were made with some quality iron ons and we had all sizes unlike most bar mitzvahs where you show up and you have a large or nothin. This is a size Medium Jerzees brand shirt and definitely rare. If you see it in a thrift store somewhere grab that shit quick. It's selling faster than the original release of the Rubber Soul.
Thanks a lot for reading or skipping around this far in the blog. The next entries won't be as hectic cause I'll be updating more often hopefully. That means less shirts per read.
Please feel free to leave comments, complaints and all that stuff.