Sunday, January 13, 2008


so the past few weeks, i've been slowly re-folding all of my t-shirts
and the final number is 382.
i organized them by color.
here's some pictures of the mess that is my life.


RandallStephens said...

Nice subtle use of Centerfuse in the background of the color sorted pic.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you got too much shirts. Ever think about taking up drinking? It will cure you of all that extra income...

DOOTH said...

HOLY FUCK. You definitely got me beat. If you ever throw any away, let me know.

P.S. Pussy ass anonymous user, my boy doesn't need to pick up drinking.

Sal said...

i see the horse from Vegas. Ride on.

Funny T Shirts said...

Great work bro :D

Now thats a collection.
I hope you don't think about ironing them,cos it'll take you as long as it did to collect them.

Visit my website and pick one, I'm happy to add another to it.