Sunday, January 13, 2008


so the past few weeks, i've been slowly re-folding all of my t-shirts
and the final number is 382.
i organized them by color.
here's some pictures of the mess that is my life.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You don't know what I'm all about. Like killing cops and reading T-Shirt Blogs.

I went to the Paint It Black record release weekend this past well....weekend. It was incredible. The new record is really really great. I'm super stoked on it. Those dudes rule so here's a shirt i got. It's an American Apparel size small. I haven't washed it yet but wore it like 3 times i think since i got it. I'm interested in who did the artwork cause it's pretty sweet. That would rule if I could do a shirt for them eventually. If you're reading this...I'll do it for free. the new record "New Lexicon" when it comes out. It's some next level stuff as far as PIB. It seems like every album has been different but great in it's own way. Mainly because of different guitar players or what Yemin is listening to around the time of writing I guess? Either way, this one is different for many reasons. Besides a new guitar player on this album, they got a new drummer, and a totally different approach on the production. It's just as exciting and interesting to me now as it was when paradise came out and i'm just as stoked as I was when CVA came out. Paint it Black has been and will remain one of my favorite hardcore bands and definitely one of my favorite Philly bands ever.

This next shirt was purchased at a Salvation Army. At first gander, I thought it was some new jack "ghetto" shirt that Ecko made or something lame like that. Ecko to me was always silly because it was marketed to black people but only worn by lame white suburban kids who want to be tough guys cause they got a fucking rhino on their shirt. But i looked closer and realized it was actually a brand of firearm or something like that. It's gotta be from the 80's or early 90's. There's no date to confirm either way. I just thought it kind of ruled for the simple fact that someone would think of making this shirt at all. "I'll show you my gun, my uzi weighs a ton, because I'm Public Enemy #1. ONE ONE ONE." That was actually running through my head when i saw it. I thought it was hard. It's a "sneakers" brand size large but fits me like a small.

This shirt is pretty great. We went on a week long tour down south and I kind of forced/begged to stop at South of the Border. Now if you've ever been there, you know that after you walk in one store and take some pictures with a giant monkey or a snail with a party hat on, you've pretty much seen everything South of the Border has to offer. THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG. I made sure we spent a solid 3 hours walking around there and looking in every single store. Of course only Kev, our guitar player joined me for all of it. We tried on hats, took inappropriate pictures of us and 2 giant cocks, etc. But the ultimate jackpot (besides the cocks) was the "dirty old man's sex shop" where I found this excellent piece of ass. It was probably $8 considering every t shirt they had and pretty much everything they had for sale in ANY store there was from 1997 or earlier. This shirt is a crowd pleaser. It's a K-Studio brand size small. Please enjoy the extra pictures I included of us at South of the Border, where a kid can be a kid.