Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is going to be a long entry...

So as you may or may not know, i was in california from november 28th - december 9th visiting friends, touring with a band for a few days and hanging out. It was incredible, but that's not important right now. What IS important is the t shirts i've obtained while i was gone.
I'm not sure the best way to start so I guess I'll just post the shirts and stories about them.
So in no real order, here they are...

This shirt was purchased before I left for California from a thrift store. It's a Jerzees brand Small (34-36) made in the USA from 1987 as the shirt clearly states.
It's super comfortable and the design work is pretty cool. The funny/weird thing is the headline under the picture. It says "Association for Retarded Citizens" which would NOT fly if they tried to make that shirt now. Obviously it would say handicapped or disabled etc. So I thought that was kind of cool. Not advocating calling people retarded, just interesting that someone could get away with printing that on a shirt. Also the real bonus of this shirt is the Burger King logo printed HUGE on the right sleeve. So that's that one.

This next shirt was also received before I left for California. A friend's band asked me to design a shirt for them. They're called SICK JUMP. All they told me was they wanted it to say MAD WEEDS. Sooooo i drew a pot leaf with an angry face. How clever right? I also spelled SICK JUMP as sicKKK jump. But their guitar player thought it was too racy or some bullshit like that, even though they label themselves as AL JAZEERACORE which is even more ridiculous. So as you can see on the shirt, the balance of letters and the picture are pretty off because he deleted the last 2 K's. Oh well. here it is. It's a size Small Hanes heavyweight 50/50. see the original drawing at the bottom.


These next two were ordered on Ebay at least a month ago, but had to be made up special. Both are Small Hanes Heavyweight 50/50's and both Elvis Costello shirts. I usually have a few shirts that I'm always on the lookout for on ebay. Elvis Costello shirts are one of them. So i came across these. They're nothing fancy, just some prints someone made up to make t shirts with. They're both high quality t shirt transfers. The one is just the famous picture of Elvis with his knees in holding the guitar. One of the more common pictures of him. The other is from the insert of Armed Forces. The washing process for these is a pain in the ass but i'll deal with it. Here they are...

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DOOTH said...

these Elvis Costello tees are sick, especially the first one. Good find man.