Sunday, December 23, 2007

Migraine, Your graine, Let's call the whole thing off!

This is the last shirt i got in california, the night before we left. I got it at the record store our friends work at. No real explanation, just thought it was cool. It's a size small, Poster pop brand 100% cotton MADE IN THE USA.

I've been on the look out for an Alfred E. Neuman shirt for a while. Growing up I was a huge fan of Mad Magazine. When I was younger i got a MAD T-shirt from a friend. I actually still have it, but i cut the sleeves off while growing through a "i'm gonna cut the sleeves off of a bunch of t shirts" phase. Anyway, I found this one on Ebay for pretty cheap and had to get it. It's labeled as a medium but fits perfect on me. It's a Hanes 50/50 so what me worry?

In the Ebay store as the Alfred E. Neuman shirt, i found a Buddy Holly shirt from 1987. Its a Top Half brand (By Tropix) 50/50 blend. I was never super into Buddy Holly until i found the Buddy Holly movie in a thrift store years ago. After that i started getting into his music more and I couldn't believe i had slept on it for so long. He pretty much rules, and Gary Busey did a great job in the movie. Gary Busey also did a great job in being the greatest human alive so that's a plus. Wore this the other night to the last Musclebound show ever which means nothing to anyone but me and a few friends, but no one will ever be able to write a song like "who farted?" and make it sound so fucking awesome as the almighty Musclebound. RIP.


Just 2 more shirts to add to the Metallica collection. This is from Ride the Lightning and the back is the same as the Metal Up Your Ass shirt seen a few entries back. I figured I didn't need to repost the picture. Nothing fancy here. Just another reissued Metallica shirt. Delta brand size small. The second Metallica shirt here is a promo shot from Garage Days. Just a picture of the dudes with their guitars. Pretty sweet, nothing fancy. Hanes Heavyweight size small.


This Hendrix shirt was a gift from my dad for Hanukkah. He got it from target. Just a comfortable shirt and actually is pretty cool considering its from Target. It doesn't have that "distressed" look that a lot of t shirts there have. It's just a print in a blue scale type color scheme on a baby blue shirt. It's tagless which is a huge plus and apparently Jimi Hendrix brand, size small. I used to have another hendrix shirt from a thrift store when i was in middle school. It was Jimi on his knees with the guitar on fire. It was pretty fucking cool but one summer, while working at a summer camp, i gave it to one of the kids in my bunk because he always talked about Hendrix. He was like 5 years old so I thought it was pretty cool and he deserved it more than I did. Now I wish i had it hahah.
oh well.


I was told that I write too much of a back story with these so if you're still reading this...THANKS!
This one is a Gildan size small. It's from this band Title Fight from Kingston PA. Go to to listen to them. They're fucking great, they're young and I think they've got a lot going for them and more to come. That sounds like their mother wrote it or something but it's true. These dudes have insane potential. Buy their new record at I drew that picture on that site soooo that's reason enough to check it out! Anywhooo...I went to see the almight Title Fight on Friday at Deep Sleep in Olde City. It ruled and so does this shirt. It has title fight on the front and their dead fish logo thing on the sleeve. I'm a big fan of bands doing long sleeves so i had to get this. seriously though, check out that band and buy their record. Thanks!



#1 - Screeching Weasel shirt Size Small Gildan brand. I've been wanting a weasel shirt but never really went out of my way to get one. While I was t-shirt hunting at the punk rock flea market this weekend, i found this and had to get it. It was $5 and fit perfect. I don't think I own any other shirts this color either so that's a plus. I might have to get more, it kind of looks good on me if i may say so myself.

#2 - Happiness is a German Shepard shirt.
It was just a sweet shirt i found, also cheap. In quality AND price hahah.
It's a tagless baseball t. And this time i don't mean it has a screened tag IN the shirt. I mean the tag was removed. It was pretty comfy when i tried it on and feels nice. Only problem is the sleeves aren't tight like they should be on a baseball t, but i'll deal with it. You can't disagree with the statement so i had to get it!

Jerzees brand Size LARGE!!!
I know I don't wear a large but I had to get this. Luckily it's pretty old so it's shrunk quite a bit.
I don't really need an explanation on WHY i would pick this shirt, besides the fact that it fucking rules. All in all, the Punk Rock Flea Market ruled. Also got a skateboard, some weird punk book, and sid and nancy on vhs. thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to leave comments and all that stuff. In fact...please do.

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