Saturday, December 29, 2007

Folding Session

So I've been folding all of my t shirts so i can re-organize them by color. So far I've folded 4 drawers and one tall hamper's worth. Here's what it looks like so far.
When I'm done, I'll count all of the shirts and see how many I'm up to. I'll estimate around 300 at this point. I still have 3 drawers to go and some dirty laundry so I'll keep updating on that whenever I'm done.
This next shirt is a Lighten Up shirt. It's the second design we got done for us by Horsebites ( He rules a lot and does some great work. So far we've had it printed on white shirts, ash grey, and now a baseball t with blue sleeves. We got 20 made so get 'em while they're holy. Fresh from God's brain to your mouth.
here it is. It's an Anvil brand 100% cotton, size small baseball T.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Migraine, Your graine, Let's call the whole thing off!

This is the last shirt i got in california, the night before we left. I got it at the record store our friends work at. No real explanation, just thought it was cool. It's a size small, Poster pop brand 100% cotton MADE IN THE USA.

I've been on the look out for an Alfred E. Neuman shirt for a while. Growing up I was a huge fan of Mad Magazine. When I was younger i got a MAD T-shirt from a friend. I actually still have it, but i cut the sleeves off while growing through a "i'm gonna cut the sleeves off of a bunch of t shirts" phase. Anyway, I found this one on Ebay for pretty cheap and had to get it. It's labeled as a medium but fits perfect on me. It's a Hanes 50/50 so what me worry?

In the Ebay store as the Alfred E. Neuman shirt, i found a Buddy Holly shirt from 1987. Its a Top Half brand (By Tropix) 50/50 blend. I was never super into Buddy Holly until i found the Buddy Holly movie in a thrift store years ago. After that i started getting into his music more and I couldn't believe i had slept on it for so long. He pretty much rules, and Gary Busey did a great job in the movie. Gary Busey also did a great job in being the greatest human alive so that's a plus. Wore this the other night to the last Musclebound show ever which means nothing to anyone but me and a few friends, but no one will ever be able to write a song like "who farted?" and make it sound so fucking awesome as the almighty Musclebound. RIP.


Just 2 more shirts to add to the Metallica collection. This is from Ride the Lightning and the back is the same as the Metal Up Your Ass shirt seen a few entries back. I figured I didn't need to repost the picture. Nothing fancy here. Just another reissued Metallica shirt. Delta brand size small. The second Metallica shirt here is a promo shot from Garage Days. Just a picture of the dudes with their guitars. Pretty sweet, nothing fancy. Hanes Heavyweight size small.


This Hendrix shirt was a gift from my dad for Hanukkah. He got it from target. Just a comfortable shirt and actually is pretty cool considering its from Target. It doesn't have that "distressed" look that a lot of t shirts there have. It's just a print in a blue scale type color scheme on a baby blue shirt. It's tagless which is a huge plus and apparently Jimi Hendrix brand, size small. I used to have another hendrix shirt from a thrift store when i was in middle school. It was Jimi on his knees with the guitar on fire. It was pretty fucking cool but one summer, while working at a summer camp, i gave it to one of the kids in my bunk because he always talked about Hendrix. He was like 5 years old so I thought it was pretty cool and he deserved it more than I did. Now I wish i had it hahah.
oh well.


I was told that I write too much of a back story with these so if you're still reading this...THANKS!
This one is a Gildan size small. It's from this band Title Fight from Kingston PA. Go to to listen to them. They're fucking great, they're young and I think they've got a lot going for them and more to come. That sounds like their mother wrote it or something but it's true. These dudes have insane potential. Buy their new record at I drew that picture on that site soooo that's reason enough to check it out! Anywhooo...I went to see the almight Title Fight on Friday at Deep Sleep in Olde City. It ruled and so does this shirt. It has title fight on the front and their dead fish logo thing on the sleeve. I'm a big fan of bands doing long sleeves so i had to get this. seriously though, check out that band and buy their record. Thanks!



#1 - Screeching Weasel shirt Size Small Gildan brand. I've been wanting a weasel shirt but never really went out of my way to get one. While I was t-shirt hunting at the punk rock flea market this weekend, i found this and had to get it. It was $5 and fit perfect. I don't think I own any other shirts this color either so that's a plus. I might have to get more, it kind of looks good on me if i may say so myself.

#2 - Happiness is a German Shepard shirt.
It was just a sweet shirt i found, also cheap. In quality AND price hahah.
It's a tagless baseball t. And this time i don't mean it has a screened tag IN the shirt. I mean the tag was removed. It was pretty comfy when i tried it on and feels nice. Only problem is the sleeves aren't tight like they should be on a baseball t, but i'll deal with it. You can't disagree with the statement so i had to get it!

Jerzees brand Size LARGE!!!
I know I don't wear a large but I had to get this. Luckily it's pretty old so it's shrunk quite a bit.
I don't really need an explanation on WHY i would pick this shirt, besides the fact that it fucking rules. All in all, the Punk Rock Flea Market ruled. Also got a skateboard, some weird punk book, and sid and nancy on vhs. thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to leave comments and all that stuff. In fact...please do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So I was away for the first few nights of Hanukkah, I was in California. Tonight is actually the LAST night and I'm out of the loop. It came up so quick this year, I didn't even have time to buy presents for my parents yet. But they understand and I'll get something for them soon enough.
While i was gone dad went to Washington DC to meet up with other relatives for Hanukkah dinner and I got this shirt from my uncle. It's a simple old style striped shirt. Just grey with darker grey stripes. Simple but it's pretty awesome. I always liked shirts like this from seeing The Ramones and other old punks wearing striped shirts. They just made them look cool. I never thought i could rock them, so I never bought one. But to my surprise i got one and was pretty stoked about it. It's a size Medium but has a vintage style cut so it fits pretty well. It's an Aeropostale brand 100% cotton. Now I know what youre thinking...Aeropostale??! Yes apparently it's still a store and they're actually making cool stuff now. So I'm pretty stoked about this one. Check it...

The last of the shirts I got while in California...minus one that's being washed...

While in California, Colin and I and eventually Colin's wife Heather stayed at our good friends Mario and Virginie's place. This is the second time they put us up since I've been to California. Mario and a few of our other friends work at this awesome record store in Santa Cruz called Streetlight Records. Streetlight just got some shirts printed recently and I was lucky enough to get one. It's a Small Hanes tagless T, 100% cotton. The artwork on the shirt was done by this dude we met who is friends with Mario and others. His name is Brandt (i think that's how you spell it) and he's going to be designing t shirts soon, so i'll post a link as soon as i hear about it. I really like the print because the ink was bleached into the shirt which is a huge bonus for comfort and stuff like that so here it is...


This next shirt was given to me by another good friend who lives in Santa Cruz next to Mario and Virginie. His name is Ralph and he's the president aka Electric Lover of the Santa Cruz chapter of Turbojugends which is pretty much a fan club or gathering of people dedicated to all things Turbonegro related. If you don't listen to Turbonegro...I feel sorry for you. So Ralph got these shirts printed and i happened to cop one. It's a size Medium American Apparel 100% cotton T which means it's fucking comfortable and since its AA, I can get away with wearing a medium. An added bonus is the gold ink and the color rocker. All in all it's a great fucking shirt.


This is NOT the last shirt I got in Santa Cruz but I believe the other one is being washed so I'll have to post that later on. This is a size small, long sleeve Spitfire brand 90% cotton, 10% polyester Spitfire Wheels shirt. I've been getting back into skating a lot lately and remembered how fucking awesome some skate brand shirts are. This is the classic Spitfire wheels shirt you used to see every "skater kid" wearing back in middle school, at least for me it is. I always loved their logo and i love long sleeve T's so i picked this one up at one of the many skate shops in Santa Cruz. Here it is...

These next few were specifically bought while touring with Creep Division

So there's this band Creep Division who i've been listening to for the past few years. They're made up of members of Good Riddance, Sick of it All, and I Want Out, and whatever other bands those dudes were in. Anyway, my good friend Colin and I went to California for the Last Good Riddance show around May this year. Afterwards we went to Chuck from Good Riddance's house for a BBQ because Colin is friends with him. We talked briefly about Creep Division and the idea of a reunion was mentioned. Needless to say, Colin and I were STOKED. Colin has a creep division tattoo and I'm just really into them. Craig, the singer described them as "generic hardcore in the VFW style" and that's pretty accurate in case you're wondering what they sound like. Soooooo the reunion was announced and right away, Colin and I got our plane tickets to California to join them on their first tour back. It was fucking great and I think they'll be playing around a lot more so look out for them. Their myspace is These are some shirts I got while on the road with them.

The first is a shirt I got at a rest stop in who knows where on the way to a show. I picked up this one and one with some deer on it, which i gave to Chuck from the band. Purchased them both for $10. I really got it because Chuck was joking about buying spirit animal shirts at rest stops on and off for the whole ride to the show, luckily i found something pretty close to it which is why i got him one too. This is a size Medium "Quail Hollow" brand (that sounds about right for this type of shirt). I don't usually wear a Medium but they didn't have any smalls, and when it comes to a shirt like this, who can be picky. It's shirts like this that make me wish i lived closer to more rest stops.


Now these next two shirts have a ridiculous/embarrassing/long story which I didn't even tell anyone besides Colin (who was with me) and Cousin Sal (also with me at the time of purchase) just so i could avoid getting made fun of about it. Oh and I also told Creep Division drummer Joe Fish after the tour. Now I'm not proud of this story because I made a dumb move. You could call it Highway Robbery, or just enjoying vacation. Whatever you want. Either way, it's funny to look back on.
Soooooo it's the last night of this short lived tour and Creep Division is playing at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. This was my first time in Las Vegas so I was pretty stoked at first but it eventually turned out to be overwhelming considering we only had about 2 hours to run around before the show. So I told Colin right off the bat that I HAD to buy some sweet touristy shirts before we left. While walking down the strip i see the infamous WB shirt which has the WB logo and says "If You See 'Da Police, WARNA BROTHA". What a classic. So we decide we'll stop there on the way back from seeing the sights and lights and all that good stuff. We check out some stuff for a while, meet up with Cousin Sal and hang out before the show. I realize that the show may be starting sooner than we planned, so we had to rush back there. Of course I don't forget about the shirt and i HAD to get it to keep you fine people entertained and keep my collection going. So we run in the store real quick and i figure, the shirt can't be much more than 14 bucks or somethin so i check the prices. It said $14.99 or something for a large print. PERFECT! I made sure i brought plenty of money for vacation so that wasn't too much at all. I figure...what the hell, i'll pick out another shirt. They're fairly cheap and there were a shit ton to pick from off the wall. They were set up like a down the shore style iron on you pick off the wall. if you're familiar with the jersey shore at all, you know what i'm talking about. So I see some more sweet shirts and like i said, i wanted another. I see a bunch of spirit animal shirts and one automatically caught my eye. It almost looked like an old Metallica shirt with a horse on it (see picture) so i had to get it. So i pick that one too. THEN the guy says "if you get 2, the 3rd shirt is half price". That's like music to my t shirt loving ears. So i say what the hell..."COLIN, PICK OUT A SHIRT!" So now i got colin all excited and he's looking through all of them and sees one of George Bush with devil horns. It's actually sweeter looking than it sounds. So he got that one. Now the guy starts ringing me up and asks me cash or credit. I say cash cause i had like $60 in cash on me. Then the numbers start going higher and i'm a little confused, so i say credit. The numbers are going from like $20, to $40 to $60 and finally he tells me the total was something like $121 and some change. My jaw dropped big time. I looked over at Colin and Cousin Sal, and they were both really shocked as well. Apparently the t shirt alone costs over $10 and then the shirts being Multicolored prints and some other bullshit fees included and all of this going through my head, and I don't know whats going on, next thing i know i hand the dude my card, Colin tells me he's paying for dinner the next few nights yadda yadda yadda, now i have two new super expensive shirts. Wow, the things i do for a stupid t shirt. Oh well, i had money to spend for vacation, i guess i could've just spent it on other bullshit anyway. I'm over it. Here they are, hope you enjoy them and the story as much as I do.
also, I know i'm a moron for paying for them so spare the comments please. thanks hahahah.
Oh...they are both AAA brand size small 100% cotton.


These last two are deadstock Creep Divsion shirts that Chuck had under his bed and gave to me. They're unworn and about 7 years old so I was really excited considering they didn't print any shirts this tour. They were given to me after tour.
The first one is a Social Pressure shirt which is one of my favorite Creep Division songs. It's a size Medium Hanes Heavyweight 100% cotton. The other is a distressed looking design of an eagle and is a Tultex brand size Medium 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

Shirt #......who cares (shirts obtained in California)

This is an Independent Trucks brand size Small 100% cotton tagless shirt with red stitching. It's got sweet mexican style artwork. Made me wanna shave my head and start wearing a bandanna. But i digress. It was on sale at this skate shop in Santa Cruz and it rules so I got it. Kind of silly for me to wear but its comfortable and pretty awesome really so that's that.
what a sexy lady

This is going to be a long entry...

So as you may or may not know, i was in california from november 28th - december 9th visiting friends, touring with a band for a few days and hanging out. It was incredible, but that's not important right now. What IS important is the t shirts i've obtained while i was gone.
I'm not sure the best way to start so I guess I'll just post the shirts and stories about them.
So in no real order, here they are...

This shirt was purchased before I left for California from a thrift store. It's a Jerzees brand Small (34-36) made in the USA from 1987 as the shirt clearly states.
It's super comfortable and the design work is pretty cool. The funny/weird thing is the headline under the picture. It says "Association for Retarded Citizens" which would NOT fly if they tried to make that shirt now. Obviously it would say handicapped or disabled etc. So I thought that was kind of cool. Not advocating calling people retarded, just interesting that someone could get away with printing that on a shirt. Also the real bonus of this shirt is the Burger King logo printed HUGE on the right sleeve. So that's that one.

This next shirt was also received before I left for California. A friend's band asked me to design a shirt for them. They're called SICK JUMP. All they told me was they wanted it to say MAD WEEDS. Sooooo i drew a pot leaf with an angry face. How clever right? I also spelled SICK JUMP as sicKKK jump. But their guitar player thought it was too racy or some bullshit like that, even though they label themselves as AL JAZEERACORE which is even more ridiculous. So as you can see on the shirt, the balance of letters and the picture are pretty off because he deleted the last 2 K's. Oh well. here it is. It's a size Small Hanes heavyweight 50/50. see the original drawing at the bottom.


These next two were ordered on Ebay at least a month ago, but had to be made up special. Both are Small Hanes Heavyweight 50/50's and both Elvis Costello shirts. I usually have a few shirts that I'm always on the lookout for on ebay. Elvis Costello shirts are one of them. So i came across these. They're nothing fancy, just some prints someone made up to make t shirts with. They're both high quality t shirt transfers. The one is just the famous picture of Elvis with his knees in holding the guitar. One of the more common pictures of him. The other is from the insert of Armed Forces. The washing process for these is a pain in the ass but i'll deal with it. Here they are...