Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is a pretty great shirt that may need some back story. When i was younger my dad built a storage space out of our attic. The entrance was in my closet in my bedroom. So i would go in there and explore somewhat often. There were so many things that i found in there that i would've never seen before. Old 8 Tracks, cameras, photo albums, and my favorite...T shirts. So i found this huge trash bag one day and decided to check it out. If it weren't for that trash bag, you probably wouldn't be reading this today. It was PACKED with old clothes, some of which i will probably eventually be posting about in this blog. Anyway, this was one of them. An original Harry Chapin shirt. You know...the dude who sang that song "Cats in the Cradle". Well guess what!!??! he had a bunch of other awesome songs too and my mom and dad went and saw him in concert before he died. So my dad bought this shirt, and got it autographed. When i was younger we used to listen to Harry Chapin a lot so this shirt holds some importance to me besides being awesome, autographed and my dad's. There is no tag but it's gotta be a small. I've gained a little bit of weight this past year or so, so it's getting a little tighter on me but it rules. I probably shouldn't wear it because its autographed and stuff but it's too cool to let sit in my drawer. Sorry for the long story about it, but my shirts are pretty important to me. If I didn't have them, i'd probably be collecting pokemon or some shit.
...That's not true at all, i'm more of a magic the gathering type dude.

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Gin said...

My Parents (mom especially) really liked Harry Chapin too. that's a pretty sweet shirt... but i think the Spuds shirt is by far your best.
also.. i'm a little creeped out that this blogger thing knows who i am and has a display name for me already. i don't recall signing up for this shit.
i'm now intruigied to find out about more Wicked- Awesome tshirts.