Monday, November 19, 2007


This is a Sportswear II brand, 50/50 size Large, Spuds Mackenzie bud light shirt.
Now... I'm not a drinking man, but who can deny the awesome power of Spuds, who's name i keep typing with a Z at the end because i just assume since he he so fucking awesome, thats how he should be spelling it. Also, show me a man who doesn't like surfing dogs, and I will show you a fist in his face!
this thing is super comfy and i got it on ebay.
i should be hitting up a thrift store or two this week to check for more. so keep checking back for updates.
i may also start posting some shirts i already have, like the penguin shirt just to keep this blog busy.
i have to work tonight from 4pm-4am
im hungry.
see ya

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vclortho said...

It's Spuds Mackenzie, and he's competing for the USA! I dunno if I like commercials more before or after I discovered irony and sarcasm...