Monday, November 12, 2007


I bought this one a few months ago at a goodwill in new brunswick. now normally i try to stay away from goodwills because they're usually pretty overpriced. but my friends said thrift store, so i went. i found this there and another shirt with a frog on it that i should probably post soon as well.
this has become one of my favorite shirts i've ever owned/seen. it seems to get a lot of attention too mostly because its just a penguin
still not sure what the deal is with it but i have a plan....
im going to take this to my screen printers place and get 15 copies of it so i can wear one anytime i want.
so anyway, this is a Hanes size medium.
best shirt ever.


Crackbucks said...

omigod, i am so adding your blog to my google reader

Marissa said...

best shirt evah