Monday, November 26, 2007


This is an original Primus shirt. I believe it's from the Misc. Debris album but I could be wrong. It's a Hanes Ultraweight size Large but it fit's like a medium. I could pull it off with a shirt underneath. Found this beauty at a thrift store a while ago, which was weird because months before, I had found the same one in a long sleeve version and gave it to my friend. It's super comfortable and even though i dont listen to primus so much anymore, this is a sweet shirt. Mosquito on the front, Dudes on the back. It rules. Now go listen to sailing the seas of cheese and start practicing your slap bass. DOG WILL HUNT!!!


So i'm not sure if it's more punk to LIKE or DISLIKE the sex pistols nowadays but this shirt rules and so do they. Never Mind The Bollocks is a great album start to finish. The guitars sound great, they're pissed, they're punk and you can hear all of it in the songs. I've been meaning to get a Sex Pistols shirt for a while now but its hard to find one that isn't super cheesey or brand new. So after ebay searches and no results, i accidentally stumbled upon this shirt and instantly put down a bid on it. it's a Fashion Gear brand 50/50 size small and it's super comfortable. Final summation... this shirt rules, and listen to Never Mind The Bollocks, it rules. Favorite song is probably No Feelings.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is a pretty great shirt that may need some back story. When i was younger my dad built a storage space out of our attic. The entrance was in my closet in my bedroom. So i would go in there and explore somewhat often. There were so many things that i found in there that i would've never seen before. Old 8 Tracks, cameras, photo albums, and my favorite...T shirts. So i found this huge trash bag one day and decided to check it out. If it weren't for that trash bag, you probably wouldn't be reading this today. It was PACKED with old clothes, some of which i will probably eventually be posting about in this blog. Anyway, this was one of them. An original Harry Chapin shirt. You know...the dude who sang that song "Cats in the Cradle". Well guess what!!??! he had a bunch of other awesome songs too and my mom and dad went and saw him in concert before he died. So my dad bought this shirt, and got it autographed. When i was younger we used to listen to Harry Chapin a lot so this shirt holds some importance to me besides being awesome, autographed and my dad's. There is no tag but it's gotta be a small. I've gained a little bit of weight this past year or so, so it's getting a little tighter on me but it rules. I probably shouldn't wear it because its autographed and stuff but it's too cool to let sit in my drawer. Sorry for the long story about it, but my shirts are pretty important to me. If I didn't have them, i'd probably be collecting pokemon or some shit.
...That's not true at all, i'm more of a magic the gathering type dude.


This is a fucking great Puerto Rico shirt I got from the same thrift store, the same day as the penguin shirt. It's a Ched brand size M 50/50 blend made in the USA! It's super comfortable and also taught me that "BURP" in spanish is "BLURP".


This is a blue Mark Gonzales krooked brand, size small.
ordered off of ebay. I just got a new skate deck with almost the same artwork and wanted a shirt of it. I've always been really into Mark Gonzales' career as an artist and skateboarder. He's also in Gummo which rules.
maybe i'll post the other gonzales shirt i have soon too.

Monday, November 19, 2007


This is a Sportswear II brand, 50/50 size Large, Spuds Mackenzie bud light shirt.
Now... I'm not a drinking man, but who can deny the awesome power of Spuds, who's name i keep typing with a Z at the end because i just assume since he he so fucking awesome, thats how he should be spelling it. Also, show me a man who doesn't like surfing dogs, and I will show you a fist in his face!
this thing is super comfy and i got it on ebay.
i should be hitting up a thrift store or two this week to check for more. so keep checking back for updates.
i may also start posting some shirts i already have, like the penguin shirt just to keep this blog busy.
i have to work tonight from 4pm-4am
im hungry.
see ya

Monday, November 12, 2007


I bought this one a few months ago at a goodwill in new brunswick. now normally i try to stay away from goodwills because they're usually pretty overpriced. but my friends said thrift store, so i went. i found this there and another shirt with a frog on it that i should probably post soon as well.
this has become one of my favorite shirts i've ever owned/seen. it seems to get a lot of attention too mostly because its just a penguin
still not sure what the deal is with it but i have a plan....
im going to take this to my screen printers place and get 15 copies of it so i can wear one anytime i want.
so anyway, this is a Hanes size medium.
best shirt ever.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


this sweet piece of cotton is a Metallica "metal up your ass" size small printed on a Hanes Heavyweight T that i got off of ebay.
Metal Up Your Ass was supposed to be the first album Metallica put out but ended up having to change the name and artwork to Kill 'Em All and that makes this a sweet ass shirt.
its nothing special, just a reprint but really...metallica fucking rules.
they won't ALL be newer shirts like the first two have been but keep checking back for more daily.
here's the shirt...


Here is a size small Presidents Of the United States of America Hanes Heavyweight 50/50 shirt.
i ordered it off of their website (
it's from the second album's single "mach 5"
waiting on a metallica shirt and 2 elvis costello shirts.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


for now on this will be mostly a blog where i post a picture of my new t shirt.
i own at least 300 of them and i want to start documenting them
i figure i get at least one a week or so if not more
so starting tomorrow (monday) i will be posting a picture and some details about each shirt i obtain from then on till i get sick of it.
i will probably post where i got it, how much it was, and why i like it. maybe the brand and size as well.
keep checking back for it.